Master Gardener

Master Gardener
Come home to a beautiful garden

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Gardening Services

If you love your garden but need help with it
Let me tend your garden! 
I am a careful gardener with an eye for both plant health and garden beauty.
I am also a certified UC Master Gardener

Tending your garden

Regular, scheduled service ($25 per hour)
  • knowledgeable, nurturing care
  • planting and transplanting
  • compost, mulch, and fertilizer application
  • trimming and pruning
  • hand weeding

Professional Services

Coaching, consultation, and collaboration ($35 per hour)
  • Coaching: I'll walk your garden with you and identify plants, discuss problem and successful areas, and provide practical advice and solutions to help you best achieve a beautiful and healthy garden
  • Consultation: I'll come help with garden design, whether an entire garden or specific planting beds. I can also help you determine a list of plants that will both thrive in your garden and create the style you want: cottage, contemporary, coastal, Mediterranean, or xeriscape.
  • Collaboration: We can work together on design, planning, and implementation


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